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n the whole, peculiarly favourable t▓o British arms,


i▓re at Box


and the last campaign there ●was to be no exception to the rule. For, no▓twithstanding that the duke had the act●ive co-operatio


n of such men as Ral▓ph Abercromby and John Moore,▓ not much came of it.The allied Russians▓ and British made little hea●dway against the Fr


ench with the “Bat▓avian Republic,” and a check at Alkmaa▓r, followed by a victory at Egmont-o●p-Zee on the 2nd October 1


79▓9 where, according to the duke, “unde●r Divine Providence,” the French were▓ entirely defeated, and wher●e the Royals,162 the 20th, 25th,▓ 49th, 63rd, 79th, and 92nd did thei▓r duty, practically terminated the Helder cam●paign.For


, after an armistice, the British tr▓oops left the Netherlands, never to● fight seriously in that district until t


he f●inal victory of 1815, when W●ellington, who first saw battle the▓re, was to terminate a series of


war▓s for which the Low Countries had for more tha●n a century been the “cockpit.〃埍 The landing of the army


in Walcheren ten▓ years later may be disregarded.Exce▓pt in the capture of Flushing, there w▓as practically no fi


ghting.The real enemy was● fever, and out of the forty thous▓and men who had been disemb

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n, the theatr●e of war after the expeditio▓n to the Helder was, for many a year▓, as far as

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the British army was concerned, ▓changed.The increasing importanc▓e of Indi